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Summer Weather and Great Fishing

December, January and February delivers the most bite for Black and Blue Marlin in the Coiba Region, this...

Seth Hartwick Group yearly homage at PSFL: Panama is always a highlight of my year...This year though....WOW!! After a couple travel hiccups on the way there..and a 6 1/2 hour bus ride through Panama we arrived at Panama Sportfishing Lodge in Boca Chica. It was late and we were hungry. A great dinner awaited us and we filled up. All the guys seemed ready to get some sleep and get after the tuna in the morning. We had some new faces on this trip. A few of the regulars couldnt make the trip for various reasons. So Bent Inge Bentsen from Norway, Peter Linehan an Australian residing in Norway, Tony Dothirteenson, John Johns, Tim Grifka, Dan Diehl, Ben Gorde, Carlos Hill, Tom Balnius and myself were the cast of characters . We headed out bright and early toward the vicinity of Hannibal Bank...and soon after stopping the boat we were in a school of tuna busting the surface. And so it went for the next 6 days...LOTS and LOTS of tuna. We started every morning chasing tuna for a few hours on topwater and when the tide slacked off we would make our way to Hannibal to eat lunch, relax a bit and soak some sardines for a chance at a giant. About 1:00pm, the water would start moving again and we were off and running. The afternoon bite was off the charts this year. It was tuna boiling the surface..pushing up small baitfish every direction you looked. We absolutely wore them out...fish after fish... double..triple...quadruple hookups... The hot lures were the Jack Fin Pelagus 165-S, Siren Deep Seductress, Heru Skipjacks, Tackle House Britts, and some FCL Labo stickbaits We fished until almost dark everyday and made our way back to the DEVOCEAN mothership anchored off of Coiba island. Staying on the mothership allows for 5+ hours more of fishing everyday. No long runs back and forth to the lodge. A great asset to John Dela Cruz and Panama Sportfishing Lodge. John really takes the needs of the anglers in account for the experience he offers The guys really seemed to enjoy themselves all week. It was a great mix of guys and personalities. Thanks everybody for coming and all the laughs.. Next year planning is already in the works..I have a few open spots available. Come and experience Topwater tuna in Panama with us. Send me a message if there is anybody interested. Ill fill ya in on the details!!! Panama is a must do trip for sure!! Thanks again everybody! Seth Hartwick