June 9, 2018

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Fishing Report March 2015

March 2, 2015

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David Christopher have been fishing at PSFL since  2009 and Daniel Lee both from North Carolina team up and fish aboard our Mothership MV Devocean April 2018: I thought last year was good, but I'm lost for words this year. First day, we get to the fishing grounds, and yellowfin breaking the water everywhere. We started off with stickbaits and swimbaits and immediately hook up on 80-120lb class fish. Shortly after, we see a huge explosion on my brothers stickbait, and after a 40 minute fight, up comes a 150 class yellowfin on topwater! We ended the day with, 17 tuna on topwater, one away from nailing the Captains record catch of 18 fish. With a smile from ear to ear, we headed back in to make a game plan for the next day. Day two, we figured to mix it up with some jigging and went to Hannibal Bank. First drop Robert hooks a nice pargo, second drop comes tight on a 400lb black marlin on a 130gr conker jig. He put on a dashing show by doing aerials and flips, charging through the water and ended up pulling hooks. But it was exciting to see such a big fish being fought on a light slow pitch setup.. After jigging up some snappers and trevallies we went inshore to throw poppers at the elusive cubera and roosterfish. First drift we come up on a rock known as Good rock, get a perfect cast into the white water and wham, wham, wham! A nice 30 class cubera, comes skying out the water and gracefully nails the popper over and over, showing off his gleaming fat belly. Didn't get the hooks in him, but it was a sight to see. We made more drifts and got into a variation of Jack's, blue trevallies, Rock snapper and other sorts. Decided to switch it up and moved west towards Montoosa, to find yellowfin. Not even half way there we spot a big school of birds and porpoises diving on a school of baitfish. We make a cast, and wham! Everyone hooks up for a triple header and the fight is on. Get all of them back in and cast again and wham! Ended up with nine tunas, for the short afternoon bite. The third day we went back to hannibal bank to see if we could hook another black on a jig. Ended up catching a variation of bottom fish, but no marlin. Head back to the yellowfin grounds later in the afternoon, to see one school after another of acres of tuna just boiling the water. We threw cast after cast, and it seemed they had lockjaw on floating stickbaits. Switched to sinking stickbaits and started getting bites almost instantly. Funny how they switch up like that. Fourth day we decided we would hit up a full day of inshore madness and it didn't disappoint. Get to the first stop and schools of roosters and Jack's start busting on our poppers. One of the roosters slipped up and started doing aerials smoking drag. Mullet snapper were plentiful on topwater as well. Start working the drift and we see a school of flyers and a rock just barely submerged, go for a cast and immediately pull off a bite on a monster cubera, that ended breaking off. Robert made a cast directly after, and had a huge explosion soon as he made contact. Fifth day we worked the northern part of Coiba Island and ended up moving further inshore to fish Los Secas for bigger class of roosters and cuberas. We had to work for bites earlier in the morning, with Robert landing a few roosters,with one weighing 30lbs. We moved to a shallow spot to drop some jigs down in 75' of water, picked up all types of snapper, triggers, puffers you name it. On our second drift, my brother gets a huge bite, that ended up rockin