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Geographic location, diverse habitat and lack of exploration

all play roles in the long standing reputation of Panama Fishing paradise. Only about 8 degrees above the equator, Panama’s warm sea temperatures attract a long list of marine game fish. The warm easterly moving Equatorial Counter Current collides with the cooler, north moving Peru Current along the entire Pacific Coast of Panama. This accounts high nutrient levels; unusually rich up wellings occur when these currents reach the country’s numerous islands, bays, narrow land passages and the continental shelf. This marine resource has not been depleted by over fishing, pollution or coastal development. Most of the Panamanian commercial fleet are hand-liners and small scale gill netters that work with a limited supply of ice. Offshore islands and banks remain relatively undisturbed. Additionally whole regions such as Coiba Island benefit preserve status that outlaws commercial fishing. The Panama government has played a additional role by not issuing any drift permits to foreign vessels. One hopes only this policy will continue. Both coasts remain almost completely undeveloped, and most of the marine ecosystems remain in a natural state.

Boca Chica was selected as the perfect place to open our lodge because amongst all of these locations on the Panama’s Pacific Coast, a boat leaving Boca Chica can ply several types of marine habitats. From inshore fishing for snook, island popping for roosterfish to marlin fishing the fabled banks…you have it all within minutes of each other and the dock! ” Panama fishing at its best 

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